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A1 Print on 210gsm Smooth, Acid-Free, Natural White, Matte Finish.

59.4cm x 841cm


From "The Mind of Jero" Exhibtion.


Framed in a Black Frame.


The moon has always been something that I have tried to take a good photo of. This time there was a

blood moon which is where the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in colour as it is illuminated by

sunlight filtered and refracted by the earths atmosphere . This doesn’t happen very often at all so I wanted to make this shot special. I did a bit of research on my App which tells you what point the moon is going to rise at and figured out exactly where I had to be to capture it rising behind the sky tower. The further away from the sky tower I was the larger the moon would appear due to compression of the telephoto lens. So I called up my friend Cam and got as far back as I could go. Which ended up being right up at the top of the Waitakere ranges just next to the Waiatarua Radio Tower. It was pitch black up there and kinda spooky but I had a mission I needed to complete. I set my camera up on the tripod, framed up the Sky Tower and zoomed it in as much as I could and waited. It was quite nerve racking waiting for the moon to come up. We waited and waited and then finally I saw a little red bit poking out behind the city. This was the moment I had been waiiting for. It began to rise exactly where I wanted it to and was bright red. Quite a breathtaking moment to witness especially as I was capturing the whole thing on a time-lapse. Eventually it went behind a cloud but I knew I had had the shot that I wanted. This image is a composition of a few of the frames stacked on top of each other to try represent the time-lapse as best as I could in a single frame.

Blood Moonrise over Auckland FRAMED A1

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